Focus is gained

I do photography with models as a side gig, lately I’ve felt a lack of personal creativity or focus. I went and looked for ideas on how to re gain my focus and came upon the same ideas over and over. Sleep, exercise, diet! I’ve been sleeping pretty good check, diet I’ve been on a lower calorie diet losing weight not perfect but improved so check, exercise well bam no check here.

After so many years of kettlebell and calisthenics I haven’t been very consistent on this at all the last couple of years. Side effects have been loss of focus, weight gain, brain fog, I just don’t feel right!

Anyway this is more a what happens to me with little or no exercise post!

What Ive been up to.

Ive been so lazy over many months and about a week ago started working on my weight and exercise again. I hit that 232 pounds mark, this is where I start feeling really bad. Ill be posting some updates here soon.

Kettle workout

I’ve been lacking in my conditioning for some time now. I saw had this Extreme Kettlebell Cardio Workout for digital download cheap, heard about this workout many times. Anyway I’m tryin this for awhile.

Did the first workout partially “Man Maker” I stopped on second exercise, had worked out a bit before and did not have the stamina to keep up with video. Truth!

Btw you can purchase this on iPhone and download the .zip file with all the separate videos. You will need to have winzip installed on iPhone or similiar and you can then import videos to VLC player to view! No need for computer at all!

2017 Goals!

2016 was a very lax off and on workout schedule. A little bit of various things with good regularity till the last few months. My diet was horrible the entire year, definitely got way too loose and as I know for a fact my current workouts can not out pace the amount of calories I ate.

This year I’m focusing on diet training again, basically removing a few things for most of the week and limiting calories. It works every time to get me closer to where I should be weight wise, it’s not perfect but due to my travel lifestyle nothing can be picture perfect. Less bread , sugar, and limited carbs. More water, kettlebell workouts, light running, walking. 

Yeap and as always a cheat day or two every week lasting the entire day. This was the best method for me to remove fat, I’d diet during week then Fri or Sat cheat it up all day anything goes. Once I got lower in weight I add another cheat day so diet hard 3-4 days then cheat. Cheat days are to me a sensitivity reset, I have stated before that sensitivity is the real game changer. Once the body gets used to something good stuff stops happening, like losing excess fat.

Yes this isn’t a lifestyle diet, but will get me personally on a path with results that feed my motivation. Then after getting closer is where I make more solid lifestyle changes slowly.

Training wise with body weight I’m doing same progression type approach but with a new explosive day added every so often. Frequency is lower overall, dieting kills energy quite a bit but I need fat loss more now.

Diet focused, Calisthenics, Kettlebells!

Kettlebell Snatch Workout 20 minutes

Workout I found online from ACE test, snatch 5 times in 15s with strong arm, rest 15s, switch arm, repeat, do up to 20 minutes. So you are doing just 10 snatches in a minute 5 each arm, seems easy right? NOT. 

I used my 35# KB, it was deceptively hard by about 5 minutes in. I stopped after 8 minutes, got to work up to it, was feeling back strain.

After about a 5 minute break I did another 4 minutes! So 12 minutes in total.

Took a 3 week break, back last couple of weeks.

You may have seen my 30 day progression chart here, I was at about halfway when I started getting a sore lower back. I decided to see what was up and it was the first rep picking up the Kettlebell that was doing this. Tiny errors like this over time can totally throw you off your workout path. I took a few weeks off to heal totally, been back slowly adding some short Kettlebell circuits 2 minutes or so then some bodyweight.

So my Kettlebell circuit has been 1 handed swings-cleans-clean+press-snatches for 5 reps each arm. I love this quick workout and am building the volume slowly. I was banging my wrist on snatches, so I wanted to fix it and the adjustment was just a tiny thing. IT MADE ALL THE DIFFERENCE THOUGH!

Check out how just changing the start of the Kettlebell snatch grip does most of the work shown by Steve Cotter.

Great iOS app for swing reps and timer counted in a voice.


I have been loving this app for timing myself doing holds like a wall handstand or Isometric exercises. I also set it up for Kettlebell swings with a 40rpm pace set which is right on pace for my 2 hand swings with 50 pound Kettlebell. It counts to 100 seconds max per set in a voice out loud, plus you can setup more sets to get longer times if needed.

Great for tabatas, rep timing cadence, isometric time improving so you can concentrate on the exercise only. It has two options to start the timer at either 5 or 10 seconds, has rest option too. I use other more advanced timer apps but none are so simple to use like this and work perfectly to count the time for you to hear.

Below is my setup for 10 reps of Kettlebell swings at 40rpm, the reps are what are counted out loud. I just set the sets to what I need to get for the workout or as close to it, pic shows 7 so I did 7 sets of 10 swings with 10 seconds rest between sets. This is not a true tabata 20/10 x8 but very similar and perfect way for me to quickly do swings.

Kettlebell 30 day swing progression.

I made this 30 day Kettlebell swing challenge recently for myself. I wanted something where it’s not as balls to the walls as a normal 10k 30 day challenge is. This could be used to get you ready for the harder swing challenges though.

The idea was based off starting with experience in Kettlebell swings, but maybe you haven’t been swinging much lately. This should be a decent way to get back in the groove. Each day you do 10-15 more swings. I didn’t label the days so you can just start it any day then just do it for 30 days.

If you finish each day with the amount of swing reps shown you will have done 7050 swings in 30 days. Made this in Apple Numbers app, never used before and it’s a sweet app.